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One Human Minute

One Human Minute - Stanisław Lem, Catherine S. Leach This volume had 3 essays, each with an interesting concept.

One Human Minute: Lem has styled this piece as a book review...of a book that hasn't been written. One Human Minute is apparently a Guinness Book of World Records that is completely mundane, yet also amped up on steroids. Imagine a book that is full of tables upon tables and graphs and charts about everything that happens on earth per minute. How many babies are born, how many people get struck by lightning, how many people are tortured by electricity, how many orgasms are achieved per minute...

Definitely a philosophical piece, but seemed to be musing about the depravity of the human race. I'm not sure if I missed the point.

The Upside-Down Revolution: The evolution of military and warfare...written under the premise that the author has a history book from the future and publishes it in the present as science fiction. I lost interest partway through this one.

The World as Cataclysm: I have a fascination with astrophysics. I am fully aware that the bulk of it goes over my head and I have near zero retention, but that doesn't stop me from reading/watching anything on the subject that is remotely geared towards the layman. Simply Fascinating. This piece goes into the probabilities of extraterrestrial life. I don't know what Stanislaw Lem's qualifications are, but as I was reading this I was nodding...uh huh, that makes sense...hmmm, I sense a little research project on Lem.