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Happy, Happy, Happy

Happy, Happy, Happy - Phil Robertson I think that the appeal of this book is pretty limited to fans of "Duck Dynasty"

My family started watching this show last summer and have loved it. Some of my husband's family is from the part of Louisiana the Robertsons live, and it's been fun for me to see the similarities.

You need to go into this book knowing that Phil is a very strong Christian and the references to his belief in God and the bible are pretty constant. Not a big deal for me, but if you can't look past this, then this is not the book for you. Particularly with chapters 13 and 14...you can pretty much skip them. I think Phil needed to write them, you don't necessarily have to read them to get a better understanding of his life and who he is (I think he got his point across very clearly throughout the rest of the book).

I enjoyed this autobiography, it is a short book and gives a bit of backstory to what we've seen on tv. Phil seems to be a very interesting man, and his account of his life sheds light on his intelligence, and perseverance.